Kasada Thapara : Watch Kasada Thapara Tamil Full Movie On SonyLiv

Kasada Thapara movie poster
Kasada Thapara movie poster

Chimbu Deven has come out with a new idea for the HyperLink story Kasada Thapara. The film is produced by Venkat Prabhu and R. Ravindran with the production  Black Ticket Company and Trident Arts. The film is distributed by SonyLiv and to be streamed from today, August 27.

The film must be appreciated for its screenplay as it projects the daily life of a common man and how it's getting related to Vantage theory and the Butterfly effect. We have already noticed the glimpse of the Butterfly effect in many films, but in the film, the deliverance is different.

Kasada Thapara full movie has brought the two theories that are the Vantage point theory and the Butterfly effect theory, in a beautiful way. The film holds six stories that are hyperlinked, i.e., the stories are not separate stories, but it is different stories where the one story has the connection with the other. The stories get to connect to one other with a flow.

Vantage point theory is simply defined as one point of view or the middle point where we are put up in a situation to meet one other in a coincidence. Butterfly effect theory is small changes in initial conditions that can lead to large-scale, and it is also called Chaos theory.

The main characters in the film are Harish Kalyan, Sundeep Kishan, Shanthanu, Venkat Prabhu, Premgi, Regina Cassandra, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Vijayalakshmi, and Aravind Akash.

The main positive of the film is nothing but the screenplay and the cinematography. That follows with the performance of the characters. All the characters have done justice to their role by acting well. The merge of different genres putting together in a single story is difficult, but still, it has been done in a better way in this film Kasada Thapara.

Premgi, Venkat Prabhu, Harish Kalyan, Shanthanu has nailed their performance in the film with a meaningful dialogue delivery. The film is unpredictable, and there is no mess in between the storyline. When a character is introduced at the end of the line, another character will be joining the tagline.

And the music composers of Kasada Tabara are Yuvan Shankar Raja, Santhosh Narayanan, Ghibran, Premgi, Sam C.S, Sean Roldan, and the cinematographers are M.S. Prabhu, S. D. Vijay Milton, Balasubramaniam, R. D. Rajasekhar, Sakthi Saravanan, and S. R. Kathir with the editors M.S. Prabhu, S. D. Vijay Milton, Balasubramaniam, R. D. Rajasekhar, Sakthi Saravanan, S. R. Kathir.

The music composing is also done well with six music directors. When it comes to the view of negatives, the film makes it feel lengthy in some stories. And the major flaw is. The lip-sync will disturb the viewers in some scenes. Other than this, the film has come out well. 

It is must note that the film is not an anthology; it is a merge of six stories put up together in one film. Since the film holds no adult content, it can be watched with family. Watch Kasada Thapara full movie on SonyLiv from today.