The Empire Series Review: Watch The Empire Full Web Series On Hotstar

The Empire
The Empire

The Empire is the new Indian Historical Web series based on the novel series Empire of the Moghul by Alex Rutherford, created by Nikkhil Advani and directed by Mitakshara Kumar. The Empire was released yesterday, August 27, 2021, on Disney+ Hostar in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kanada. The series had many expectations, thinking it would be like Game Of Thrones, a fantastic historical web series. 

The Empire Web series holds eight episodes. The episodes are not the King but the Kingmaker, The Panther's Prowl, The Separation, Alliances, The Roar of the Lion, Requiem, Panipat, and The Beginning. Mitakshara Kumar directs all these episodes with the screenplay and dialogues of Bhavani Iyer and A M Turaz.

The Empire Web series stars Kunal Kapoor (Babur), Dino Morea (Muhammad Shaybani), Shabana Azmi(Aisan Daulat Begum), Drashti Dhami(Khanzada Begum), Aditya Seal (Humayun), Sahher Bambba (Maham Begum), Rahul Dev (Wazir Khanui), Gracy Goswami (Young Khanzada), Khalid Siddiqui( Umar Shaikh Mirza II), Imaad Shah(Qasim).

The other characters are Toranj Kayvon (Gulrukh Begum), Swattee Thakur (Nishqa), Kalliroi Tzaifeta (Roxanna), Akansha Sareen (Razia), Megha Kaul (Dildar), and Salina Prakash (Aq Quzi Begum).  Monisha Advani and Madhu Bhojwani produced this grand historical web series The Empire under Emmay Entertainment production companies, distributed by Star India. Nigam Bomzan handles the cinematography with the editing of Atanu Mukherjee and Sagar Manik.

The Empire Series Review: Watch The Empire Full Web Series On Hotstar

The series is all about the happenings of the Empire Babur in his life. The rise and the fall of the Empire are depicted in this series with an addition of fiction. It is told that this series is based on a true story. Each episode contains 40 to 45 minutes describing the history and the war. The series covers hardships, betrayals and struggles faced by the Babur during his young age.

The positives of this Indian web series, The Empire, is the music that must be appreciated for its background scoring and sound by Shail Hada and Ashutosh Phatak. It follows the cinematography, which has come home grandly and takes the viewers to ancient times. The story and the screenplay from episode 4 are good and interesting.

The costumes and setting played a significant role in the entire series, which was a visual treat. In every scene, the costumes and the setting were admirable. The performance of the characters was also good, and all have done justice to their roles by their acting.

The negatives in this full web series, The Empire, are the VFX which will disturb the viewers in many scenes; additional importance should have been given to visuals. The next negative is the timing. Yes, the episodes are too long, which makes the viewers bore to a particular extent. Instead of making it for 45 to 50 minutes, it should have lessened to 30 to 35 minutes.

The scenes are overdramatic, and the talking portions are more than the action scenes. Half of the series moves with talking porting without describing it in visuals, which is the big minus in creating a Historical series or film. The episodes could have been shortened to 5 to 6 episodes.  When it comes to characters, the sister role and the villain role is intreating.

Overall The Empire Web Series is a one time watch. The cast and crew have made the possible effort on this series which must be appreciated and considered. Since there are adult content and violence, it cannot be watched with family. The Empire Web series Full episodes are streaming in Disney+ Hotstar from Yesterday in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kanada languages.

The Empire Series Review: Watch The Empire Full Web Series On Hotstar

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