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Weapon (2024) Tamil Movie Review Starring Sathyaraj and Vasanth

Weapon (2024)

Starring Sathyaraj and Vasanth Ravi, "Weapon" is a superhuman movie that was released in theaters on June 7. The film is receiving below-average reviews from fans, although there is appreciation for the lead characters.

Weapon Movie Plot:

Weapon is a movie that blends fantasy, action, and superhumans. It tells the story of a YouTuber named Agni (portrayed by Vasanth Ravi) who becomes entangled in a crucial situation.

The movie follows Agni as he attempts to uncover the truth after witnessing a young boy's supernatural abilities. Agni becomes obsessed with a masked man named Ghost. The rest of the plot reveals whether Agni discovers the truth behind the supernatural abilities and if he manages to escape from Ghost. 

Weapon Movie Review:

The movie 'Weapon' had high expectations due to its intriguing trailer, but it failed to live up to the hype. Despite this, the movie scored well in the area of screenplay, and the use of CG worked well, providing a visual treat for the audience.

Adding to that, the movie also played well in the area of background scoring, and the theme and music are the perfect mix, creating a good musical experience for the viewers. The movie has many action scenes, and bloodshed fight scenes which are exciting thrilling.

The main disadvantage of the Weapon movie is that the character descriptions do not sit well with the audience. Other than Sathyaraj and Vasanth Ravi's characters, all the characters' importance is lacking at some point in the movie. The villain character is not as strong as expected.

Weapon movie's plot starts to confuse the audience with its narrative and it is also lacking logic. The climax of the film is quite interesting with its twists. However, the movie presents a compelling superhero concept but could have been executed more effectively.

Weapon Movie Cast And Crew:

Weapon movie star cast includes Sathyaraj, Vasanth Ravi, Rajiv Menon, Tanya Hope, Rajeev Pillai, Yashika Aannand, Mime Gopi, Kaniha, Gajaraj, Syed Subhan, Baradwaj Rangan, Velu Prabhakaran, Maya Krishnan, Shiyas Kareem, Benito Franklin, and Raghu Esakki. The Music composer for the movie is Ghibran. The movie was Written and Directed by Guhan Senniappan and produced by M S Manzoor.

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