Who Is Kalaiyarasan? How He Became Aghori and YouTube Trend

YouTube Fame Kalaiyarasan
YouTube Fame Kalaiyarasan

The term 'AGHORI' is going viral these days, especially in Tamil Nadu. Who are Aghoris? Are they Real? Is Kalaiarasan a Aghori?

Who Are Aghoris?

Aghoris are a monastic order of ascetics in India that follows a radical path within Hinduism. They are devotees of the Hindu god Shiva, particularly in his Bhairava manifestation, which is associated with destruction and transformation.

They challenge social norms by living on cremation grounds, using cremation ashes, and even sometimes consuming ritualistic substances. Their practices are meant to overcome attachments and achieve a higher spiritual state. 

Who Is Kalaiyarasan? How He Became Aghori and YouTube Trend

They are considered the only surviving descendants of the Kāpālika tradition, a tantric movement within Shaivism that emerged in medieval India (around 7th-8th century CE).

Who is Aghori Kalaiyarasan?

Kalaiyarasan became a Siddha and is now an Aghori preacher. He had been living in Coimbatore for the past few months and claimed himself as Aghori after going to Kashi. He is married and has 2 daughters and a son. Aghori Kalaiyarasan, who is popular on social media, blessed the devotees who came thereafter to worship at the Chandanamariyamman temple.

Aghori Kalaiyarasan became famous a few years ago by posting many videos on TikTok. Kalaiyarasan and his wife were Tik Tok celebrities. They both have done many couple videos. They were a famous folk artist. Now that he has become an Aghori, he has recently been giving interviews to many YouTube channels. 

Aghori Kalaiyarasan Vs YouTube Channel Interviews:

Kalaiyarasan, who calls himself Aghori, has recently created a sensation on the internet. In recent days, if you open a social media website, you will notice that there are more videos of Aghori Kalaiyarasan. YouTube channels are constantly interviewing him as his videos get millions of views.

Who Is Kalaiyarasan? How He Became Aghori and YouTube Trend

Aghori Kalaiyarasan's interviews are garnering interest due to his claims of being able to walk on water and fly. Additionally, he asserts that he consumes deceased human flesh daily and encounters the naked form of the goddess Kali during meditation.

He says there are more interesting things that trigger YouTubers to make content with him through his interviews. On the other hand, YouTubers also warn the public to be more cautious about the emerging fake priests.