Why Bigg Boss Poornima Took The Cash Box And Exits Bigg Boss 7 House?

Bigg Boss Season 7
Bigg Boss Season 7

With just a week left for the season to end, Poornima left the Bigg Boss house with the cash box. This wasn't shocking because many Bigg Boss Tamil 7 viewers guessed Poornima or Maya would lift the Cash Box.

A cash box with Rs 16 lakh was kept inside the Bigg Boss house. The contestants were very curious to know how much money would rise daily and were waiting to take the money once it touched the need.

This season, the contestants eagerly awaited the task as they had predicted when and what task would be placed. There was no buzz among the contestants at a time when the cash amount was low.

But following Bigg Boss's announcement that the amount would increase and decrease occasionally, there were intense discussions among the contestants as to who would take the cash box.

The amount of the cash box also climbed up and down from time to time to Rs 5 lakh and then Rs 3.5 lakh. Only Poornima had some dilemmas over the other contestants as the number increased. In this situation, Poornima took the cash box worth Rs. 16 Lakhs.