X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reviews Dent Box Office, Reason for Poor Show

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reviews
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reviews

X-Men Dark Phoenix, the last and 12th film of the X-Men universe having Jean Grey as the centric character marked the lowest ever box office performance of the 19-year-old superhero universe. The film opened with $33 million opening weekend in the US Box office which is way too low when taking the $200 million budget into account. The previous X-Men films all made glory at the worldwide box office while the latest Dark Phoenix seems nowhere near to the initial X-Men films and poorly reviewed X-Men Apocalypse film even.

While the expectations were pretty high for the film before release, the early reviews and word of mouth dent the film performance at the worldwide box office. Foreign markets are performing well for the film and collected $107 million in the opening weekend which is all for the brand X-men. The movie earned around $140 million in the worldwide box office with decreasing numbers day by day due to the audience reports and poor score at the cinemascore, metacrtics etc. The concept of the superhero has changed in recent times with rising budget and the avoidance of the cliche storyline prevailing since the origin of the superhero films.

Recent Superhero Films:

The recent films Aquaman, Shazam of DC Comics and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is some successful films where the Endgame marked a humongous box office show comparing to any films of the decade staying only behind Avatar.

Dark Phoenix is based on the character Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner who plays the central character of the film. The character from the film X-Men: The Last Stand took the centre stage this time for the final X-men film but fails to meet the expectations. Deadpool which led way to a new approach of the Superhero films with complete humour set a trend of black comedy based films. The audience saw a lot of humour induced films after the breakthrough of Deadpool while the cliched story and poorly executed film like Dark Phoenix failed to impress the audience and settled as a worst performed film ever in the X-Men Universe. Jean Grey played her role as per the character expectations from the previous films and outshined in the poorly scripted film making it a fair watch onscreen.

Expected to be a starter for the next set of mutants film of the X-Men universe, the Dark Phoenix literally killed the projection of the upcoming future films of the franchise. The farewell of Wolverine is another reason for the fall of the opening of the X-men film and with Hugh Jackman’s much acclaimed Wolverine character, the film would have taken a humongous opening despite reviews. The screenplay of Dark Phoenix is a major letdown for the film making it a tedious watch for the audience. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg who made his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix made the film with his own script and worked it with his maximum potential for the first time.

X-Men Universe Future:

The films Apocalypse, and The Days of Future Past were scripted by the maker previously which managed to do good business at the box office. Jean with her super abilities to control the universal force makes her way out of the X-men universe with Dark Phoenix and the critics’ favourite Last Man Stand’s follow up story ended up as a boon at the box office. Coming days box office performance will show the audience interest for the X-Men films from here on which will be a crucial point for the makers in sketching the next set of films with utmost interest and adapting to the coming generation curiosity for Superhero films and their expectations.