Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam Tamil Full Movie Review Streaming In SonyLiv

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam
Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam Tamil movie is released in SonyLiv today. The credit is flowing with positives for the movie team for their bold deliverance of the message. 

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam (2021) Tamil movie is a must-watch movie, especially by the 90's kids. The movie must be appreciated for its strong dialogue deliverance. The movie delivers a good message which all Indian Citizens must know. Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam (2021) holds an intense story that makes sure that the poor are getting their allotted Quota.

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam movie title itself conveys what it delivers. It is all about the caste system and other laws. By watching this movie, many people will come to know how the quota system works and how the laws perform. Rohini has boldly projected on screen with intense dialogue delivery. 

All the character has done justice to their role. There is no mess in the storyline, although two films are screened in one movie. Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam Tamil movie tells the story of the frustrated candidate and temple priest who is a caste system changer and a bold guy who speaks on caste.

The positives of Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam movie can be listed many. Among that, the first comes the storyline. As said before, two films will get connected with one story, but it will not disturb the storyline at any place. The second will be the dialogue delivery and how the message is conveyed.

Following that comes the song lyrics, which strengthen the storyline. The comedy is also worked well in the movie. And all the characters have done justice to their role with no overacting. The story writing is smart and neat.

When it comes to the negatives, it can be said that a few unwanted scenes could have been deleted. A little more effort could have been made in screening. Overall the Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam movie team conveyed the message to the viewers what they tried.

 Prabhu Jeyaram directed the movie Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam (2021) and is produced by Sudhan Sundaram, G.Jayaram, under the banners of  Passion Studios. The music credit must be given to Guna Balasubramanian. The lead role are played by RS Karthiik, Ayraa, Soundarya Bala Nandakumar, Rohini, Bhagavati Perumal, Dhanyaa and Subha.

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam movie is entertainment plus thoughtful movie which has been enjoyed with family. The movie can be watched once, and 90's kids will enjoy the movie. Watch Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam movie on SonyLiv.