Antibodies from CoVid survivors does not last long for a lifetime

Antibodies from CoVid survivors does not last long for a lifetime
Antibodies from CoVid survivors does not last long for a lifetime

CoVid vaccine is yet an unsolved pandemic even after seven months due to the extra space between the virus and antibodies working against them. Once the body initiates responding to the CoronaVirus naturally, the level of herd immunity in this pandemic situation also increases. But the researchers claimed that the developed virus-fighting antibodies will provide immunity, which lasts only for a short span.

To gain clear data on herd immunity, several studies and medical specialists reveal that antibodies fighting the CoVid-19 virus will fade within three months. Some stated that these antibodies do not generate lifetime immunity.

Once a plague strikes a person, the disease does not strike him again. This is because our immune cells remember how to react when a virus attacks our body. Thus if the virus attacks us again, it will be destroyed by the immune system in our body before it becomes active. This is why diseases like SARS do not come back to the same person. This natural or vaccinated response to the virus developed by the human body is called herd immunity in general.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, to analyze the antibodies response on the recovered people affected with mild CoVid. Blood samples from 34 persons who recovered from the CoronaVirus without intensive care treatment are taken into account for the research.

The study analyzed the antibodies period providing immunity in two phases. The first phase analysed the antibodies which created after 37 days once the person got infected to the virus, during the second phase after 86 days or three months. The antibodies response level declines within a lifespan of 73 days which is less than the previous pandemic CoronaVirus SARS. Meanwhile, immunity does not last long for a lifetime due to the short term antibody.

Moreover, several researchers are involved in the process of detecting the immunity's time more precisely as the recent study revolves only with patients carrying mild symptoms. Broader the research, more clear the solution, says King's College London since the antibodies fade within three months leaving no traces for further cure or treatment.

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, people can come in contact with the individuals directly with the CoVid patients who healed from the virus infection before six months irrespective of producing antibody or not.

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