Is Coronavirus a Bio-Weapon? Busting the Top Ten Myths of Coronavirus

Is coronavirus a bio-weapon
Is coronavirus a bio-weapon

Many beliefs and myths are spreading faster than Coronavirus in the world after the World Health Organization's pandemic situation.

Dr. Faheem Younus, Chief Quality Officer and Chief of Infectious Diseases in the University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Health shared many tweets regarding the myths and wrongs of Coronavirus. In this context, Faheem Younus would like to quickly clear the record as a myth-buster in his ten views of social media hiking COVID-19 myths.

Many people believe summer heat will throw away the virus at the end of this summer. But Dr. Faheem proves it to be wrong because in the southern hemisphere, it is winter now, and the virus is already global. No matter what the climate hot or cold is, WHO proved it as a pandemic. Note: Summer heat won't help better as self-isolation from the crowd.

The myth of virus spread via mosquito bite in summer rolls a long way in the air. But, Dr. Younus questions that COVID transmits via respiratory droplets, and there is nothing to do with mosquitoes. So, it is clear that mosquitoes have no hands in spreading this pandemic. However, they are not friendly, either.

Holding the breath for 10 seconds means you are not infected from Coronavirus. And I know everybody is not breathing now, right? Such is the panic created globally because of COVID. However, Quality officer Dr. Faheem cleverly clears the myth stating that a young man with Corona infection can hold breath more than 10 seconds, and an old aged person cannot do the same without infection. Now, breathe!

Drinking plenty of water could help the virus slid down to the belly and get killed by the acid in the stomach has made millions of population to intake more water than their regular. Though drinking water is good, it won't push the virus to your belly as the virus would have found the host cell as soon as it gets into your throat, Dr. Faheem says.

There is a reply to those who believe social-isolation is just an overreaction. The Doctor says, if we don't see many infections, it actually will prove that social distancing worked. So there is nothing wrong to rest on the couch and work from home for a while to sort out the outbreak.

Accidents around the world killing more people than Coronavirus do. So there arises a question, is car accident a pandemic? Whatever loss is a loss, and when it occurs suddenly all over at a time, grabs more attention like Coronavirus disease and even brings down the markets around the world.

Sanitizers are better than soaps, so don't buy soaps is another myth brought down the soap manufacturers? Wash your hands often are the advice to avoid the virus from penetrating into the skin cells, and there is no debate which is best either hand sanitizers/soaps/water.

Cleaning every part of your house to disinfectant is advisory for those who are caring for a COVID-19 patient, but wiping out every doorknob is a bit too much, according to Dr. Faheem.

Does Coronavirus is a bio-war among spread by America and the Chinese-military? (It is totally up to you) But Dr.Faheem exclaims with the notion and advises the people to be safe and clean to stay away from the passing pandemic infection.