England Opens Coastal Path to Improve Mental Wellbeing By 2020

England Coastal Living 2020
England Coastal Living 2020

England Coast Path by 2020: Who says NO for a Natural living atmosphere? And yes, England paves the way for its citizens to gain peace in their living. Good Relaxed life is one which every being requires in this hectic world.

Generally, people go on trips to calm and serene places. Why so? Mental Relaxation is all they need. The University of Exeter, England, conducted a survey and finds that living close to the shores of water bodies improves the mental wellbeing of people.

Benefits of Living in Nature: Natural living has undescribable worthiness in it. One never resist being amidst nature. The serene environment helps people to be tension-free and makes them a well-behaved individual.

For instance, When you notice your behavior by standing in the coastline or any place surrounded by nature. The feel or mood one attains is incomparable to those in a crowded atmosphere. That's the tremendous outcome of being in nature.

Anxiety/Depression: People with no worry is less in this engaging world. Even a small growing child exhibits a lot of anger nowadays. Anxiety and Depression are the two common mental disorders every individual undergoes in urban life.

University of Exeter's Study: The University Of Exter published a study, Coastal proximity and mental health among urban adults in England.  The moderating effect of household income, stating that "People living near to the seashores exhibits improved mental health compared to those in urban areas" in the journal Health and Place.

  • Experts from Exeter University conducted a detailed survey of 26000 people in England living near the coastline and poor urban cities.
  • The study focused on the comparison of mental well being of people living near to the coastline to those in poor urban communities in England.
  • The survey included people living 1km near to the coastline to individuals who are 50 km away from blue bodies of England.
  •  Researchers made a detailed investigation to people as the study focuses on the mental well being of the country's citizens.
  •  England marks a 1:6 anxiety ratio overall; Exeter's survey finds a way to develop mental illness with a serene environment among their people.
  • The study relied on the survey of low-income people in coastal areas to those in urban areas. Mental disorders like anxiety and depression level of people have been added in the study.
  •  The University of Exeter survey concludes by stating that the anxiety level of urban people is more when compared to people living near coastal lines from the data predicted by the Health Survey for England.
  • The survey also suggested that coastal living can improve the mental illness among people of England.

Coastal Path in England: From the conclusion of Exeter's Health Survey for England, the government decided to improve the mental well being of UK people. As a part of the BlueHealth project, England is preparing itself to access coastal paths by 2020 for the natural living of people without disparities.