Coronavirus Outbreak: Myths, Facts, Causes and Precautions

Coronavirus Illustration
Coronavirus Illustration

Myths about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus nCoV busted

In the backdrop of the outbreak of the deadly killer 2019 Novel Coronavirus nCoV, a lot of pseudo information about the air-borne virus is doing the rounds on the various traditional and social media. At the time when the nCoV has already created panic among people and nations of the world, it is paramount to understand the truth behind the virus.

Experts have just warned that this outbreak has the ability to spread to 60% of the world's population. Now we need clarity of facts, not the fears.

Officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are working overtime just to ensure that the situation across the globe does not go out of hand. The WHO, in its website, has clearly stated facts about the virus besides issuing advice to the public across the world how to stay safe in the present situation.

How the Coronavirus Originated?

Ironically the origin of the virus is still being speculated. While sources claim that bats cause the virus, some research studies point out that the deadly Coronavirus could have jumped via snakes or even seafood. Regardless of the source, it is believed that the virus spread from animals to human beings. An airborne virus, human beings are advised to be very careful, especially while venturing into public spaces.

Currently, there is no evidence that nCoV can possibly spread from animals to human beings. But, medical experts from the WHO continue to advise the public to maintain basic hygiene and report symptoms of the deadly killer virus at the earliest.

Washing hands and be hygiene:

Coronavirus Outbreak: Myths, Facts, Causes and Precautions

The general public is advised to wash hands multiple times a day, use face masks, avoid unnecessary travel, stay away from places that draw a huge crowd, avoid meat consumption in any form. Out of fear of acquiring the nCoV, several people in China have confined themselves to the four walls of their homes. Many cities in China have shut down. In the last couple of days, the number of people traveling out of the various cities in China has drastically come down.

Basic symptoms of Coronavirus:

On the signs and symptoms of the deadly killer nCoV, running or stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, headache, the temperature in some cases and symptoms of respiratory diseases are the most common symptoms of the virus. The public is advised to visit a health center in case they experience any of the symptoms.

Does Coronavirus Transmit from Pets?

Coronavirus Outbreak: Myths, Facts, Causes and Precautions

A WHO official also ruled out the possibility of the virus being transmitted from pets at home to human beings. It is unlikely for the Coronavirus to spread from dogs and cats at home as there is no evidence of the same. However, pet owners are advised to wash their hands, especially before and after handling pets thoroughly.

Does this Coronavirus Affect Only Older People?

Another common myth about the virus, which is doing the rounds, is the fact that it affects only the older persons. However, it is proven that people of all age groups have acquired the virus. While the older ones are vulnerable, the children and youth are not spared of the virus.

However, for patients with low levels of immunity and those who are suffering other complications, the road to recovery is a long and uncertain one. On treatment, it is a misconception that the virus can be cured by antibiotics.

However, medical experts are quick to point out that antibiotics are used to cure bacteria and not viruses. Depending on the severity of the case, the kind of treatment for the patient suffering from coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is decided by the medical expert.

Is there any Vaccine for the Coronavirus?

While there is no vaccine to prevent acquiring the virus or medication to cure patients suffering from the virus, experts from the WHO have confirmed that a team of researchers is working to introduce a preventive vaccine and drug to cure the disease. And, the same will be made available to the public in the future. It could take anywhere between many months to a few years for the medical breakthrough to happen.

There are some pieces of misinformation about the antidote to the noCv is on the spread. The real thing is, there are people working so hard to find an antidote to this pandemic. Thailand doctors found a mixture of two vaccines and found only an apparent success to the Coronavirus while there is no confirmed success about the antidote from India.

How to track the spread of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Outbreak: Myths, Facts, Causes and Precautions

Meanwhile, you can track the spread of Coronavirus and acknowledge all the things that are happening because of it around the world. With the help of maps and apps like Johns Hopkins CSSE map, Health map, and Coronavirus app, the virus spread can be easily tracked from anywhere in the world.