Covid Latest Update: Steroid save lives of severe Coronavirus patients

Covid Latest Update: Steroid save lives of severe Coronavirus patients
Covid Latest Update: Steroid save lives of severe Coronavirus patients

A drug is all we need since December to eradicate the highly contagious CoronaVirus pandemic. Hard-work never fails and the long paid attention by the researchers finally came out as cost-effective steroids under the recommendations of the World Health Organization on Wednesday.

The WHO's new analysis gains hope among the public as the steroid drug is available cheap and quick to the needy. Moreover, the steroid drug helps to reduce the death rates among the severely affected CoVid patients, which has been the aim of more therapists for a long time.

The new study published on Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association included seven clinical trials among 1703 patients finding that dexamethasone steroid helps mortality reduction irrespective age and sex. Adding notes on the paper, WHO recommended the medicos to use the steroid drugs for 7 to 10 days only in patients with severe CoVid infection. It also requested not to use the treatment in patients who are zero prone to the contagion as the derived data till date pose harm and drive no benefit.

According to the lead researchers Martin Landray and Jonathan Sterne from Oxford University and Bristol University, the study trial has been conducted internationally in seven countries such as Britain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Spain, and the United States. To be specific, all the seven trials derived uniform results showing a reduction in death rates after using corticosteroid drugs for the severely infected patients with CoronaVirus.

Martin, who worked on the pooled analysis of the dexamethasone trial, insisted the doctors use the drug and save more lives by shifting medication. The steroid therapy has been initiated in many countries immediately after the WHO's recommendation on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the UN agency advises countries to stock up corticosteroids in excess to prevent procuring from others.

After months, good news comes from WHO and medications are already commenced in intensive care units to save lives as the drugs reduce the death rate by 20%.