Hospitalized CoVid-19 Patients Show Neurological Symptoms

COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit, treating with antibiotics to fight COVID
COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit, treating with antibiotics to fight COVID

CoronaVirus infections and mortality are now associated with neurological symptoms as per the new study reports of Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

The study involves a detailed report of 509 patients who were hospitalized due to severe CoVid illness. The analysis took deep mainly in the patients of 10 hospitals located in the Northwestern Medicine health system in the Chicago area from March to April.

Dr. Igor Koralnik, chief of neuro-infectious diseases and global neurology at Northwestern Medicine and co-author of the study, states that 82 percent i.e., 4 out of 5 CoVid patients hospitalized in their medical units, showed symptoms which are blooming from the nervous system.

Any symptom addressed from the nervous system is named generally as encephalopathy. The term, also called altered mental function, means a reduction in concentration, attention, short-term memory. In the worst case, the patient will lose the capacity to take care of their own household affairs, and some lead to a coma. 

Notably, more severe cases of encephalopathy are likely to occur in older people of 65 and above. However, study authors claim that CoVid associated neurological symptoms are mostly mild in most cases. Still, they also insist that a person who cannot smell should report voluntarily to the hospital for medication as the CoronaVirus lead symptom lies in the smelling test in general.

The study published mainly interpreted that "Neurologic manifestations occur in most hospitalized Covid‐19 patients. Encephalopathy was associated with increased morbidity and mortality, independent of respiratory disease severity".

Adding fuel to the CoronaVirus fire, this study came into light right after President Donald Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being in the hospital for nearly three days. However, physicians claim that the President poses zero neurological symptoms while on medication.

Despite all, proper treatment on mild neurological symptoms are required for severely affected CoVid patients according to the new study, says Igor.