Four Main Types of Headaches that Should Not be Ignored

Four Main Types of Headaches that Should Not be Ignored
Four Main Types of Headaches that Should Not be Ignored

Reasonably when someone faces hectic work or long travel seems to acquire headaches generally. That condition stinks as a common health issue in people's health prone to antibiotics pain relief.

Generally, adults, teenagers suffer from headaches, and new research analyzed that shockingly 85% of the school going kids undergo the headache was 75% headache pains occasionally, and 10% causes acute or mild regular pain. Therapists conclude the pain as pressure or lack of extracurricular activities or performance pressure on studies.

There are two major types of headaches:

Primary Headache- classified into four subs as migraines, tension headaches, cluster Headaches, and Sinus headaches.

Secondary Headaches -These are the type that occurs as a symptom for other ailments.

Neurologists Molly Rossknecht advises about the difficulties faced in each type of headaches and helps us to classify the subcategories based on the pain spots.

Migraines: This occurs mostly in women with severe throbbing pain and exceeds the severity with prolonged time. Symptoms of migraine prone to light and sound sensitivity, Nausea, Vomiting, and Abdominal cramps. The reasons behind the migraine illness are due to the lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, hormonal changes, skipping meals, dehydration, and consuming expired sealed foods.

Tension Headaches: As the name says it all, Yes, a person being in a state of tense procures pain in the head. "The pain can be described as a mild, dull aching sensation wrapping around your neck and forehead," says Medical advisor Molly Rossknecht. The reasons behind the tension headaches are stress, poor posture, and neck tightness.

Cluster Headaches: Like migraines subjected to women, cluster headaches are one-sided headache types generally occurs in men with acute hurting behind or around the eye. Cluster headaches last from 15 minutes to three hours and can happen multiple times in a day. The symptoms of this kind involve eye tearing, eyelid swelling, facial sweating, nasal congestion, eyelid drooping, and redness of the eyes.

Sinus Headaches: The spotting of a sinus headache cannot get accurate all the time and associates with migraines mainly in people. Sinus head pains are confirmed with sinus infection characterized by fever, purulent phlegm, and response to an antibiotic. Sinus headaches happen seasonally or with environmental changes.

Treatment Procedures: There are many antibiotics in the market to relieve the headache in no time, but Neurologist Molly suggests that proper medication requires treating the specific types with a certain care. To be accurate, she suggests migraines with medications, cluster headaches in the form of tablets, nasal sprays, and injections. While sinus headaches, if diagnosed as true, should be treated with antibiotics only under the prescription of a physician.