How to keep yourself safe from coronavirus infection in India?

How to keep yourself safe from coronavirus infection in India
How to keep yourself safe from coronavirus infection in India

How to keep yourself safe from coronavirus infection in India? Worldwide Coronavirus infected cases have crossed 1 lakh, and in India, it is now at 40 and counting. Covid19 illness caused by Coronavirus has taken the world by a storm. Yesterday alone in one of the most highly developed and sophisticated countries like Italy, its death due to the Covid19 illness was 133 taking its total tally to 366 only next to China. And in the mighty US, the death toll has crossed 22, and Coronavirus is not anymore under contamination concept but of mitigation by its authorities. If this is the case of such big countries, what will happen if it spreads in India?

With already 40 infected cases in India, there are many preventive measures available for Coronavirus online now. The truth is once affected by it, there is still no specific scientific treatment to cure it. Getting cured or dying depends only on the patients' immune system and the amount of infection.  Hence not going into many details of testing or treatment, the following preventive measures will keep you safe to some extent from the deadly Coronavirus.

Coronavirus preventive measures in India

Wash your hands as many times as possible in a day and that too thoroughly with soap or disinfectant including the back of the hand, in between fingers and under the nails for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Keep a distance of a minimum six feet away  from the people suffering from fever, throat infection cough, and upper respiratory disorder or with shortness of breath.

Face masks will only help anyone who is already infected, or it can only stop spreading the virus to others than preventing getting infected from it.  But, for health care professionals and those who have to deal with someone infected with Coronavirus, must cover their faces with atleast 3M masks.

  • Buy some additional home supplies, medicines, and other resources 
  • Inform families and other elders about the perils of the Coronavirus and the measure to be safe from it
  • If anyone is having any symptom of fever, cough or shortness of breath keep away from others and do not go out
  • Clean up your home and then disinfect the places where any outsides commonly touch like the doorknobs, staircases, and others
  • Being aware of Coronavirus and taking the safety measures is the only way as there is no scientific treatment so far for its cure.

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