Importance of Salt Water Gargle during Rainy Season

Importance of Salt Water Gargle during Rainy Season
Importance of Salt Water Gargle during Rainy Season

Get rid of your sore throat in 30 seconds with a salty gargle.

Southwest monsoon has battered most of the western states. Now there is heavy rain in Himachal Pradesh. Delhi has been given a red alert as the Yamuna river is flowing full. Kerala and Tamil Nadu faced lots of issues in the last three weeks. All this has made people suffer from various ailments. The worst is the common cold. But there is a handy treatment for time unknown to treat it at home. Salty gargle will not only give a smooth feeling to the throat but also cures the throat infection in less than 30 seconds.

Renowned doctors recommend salty gargle in cold days:

If it is the rainy season, many may rush to the doctor on complaints of cold, sore throat, fever and other ailments. It is common nowadays as the immune system has weakened for the new generation. Salty gargle is the only best immediate treatment for sore throat. Even renowned physicians recommend for all cold treatments with a salty gargle.


How to have a salty gargle?

Salty gargle is the most inexpensive and easy treatment for anyone at home. Take a glass of hot water, add one tablespoon of salt and mix it well. Then drink a mouthful of the saltwater. Without swallowing it keep it in your throat and gargle for a few seconds. The soothing feeling it gives will not make you spit out the water. But you have to do it to have one more mouthful of it. Do this for four to five times a day. And within a day your sore throat is long gone. But seeking medical advice beyond that is important as the rainy season may bring a lot of pathogenic infections to your door anytime. 

Be safe in the rainy season by avoiding unsafe drinking water and eating food outside. In case of sore throat, try salt gargling and if the sore throat is still not cured with salt gargling, immediately see your doctor.