Long work hours result in High Blood Pressure

long work hours result in High Blood Pressure
long work hours result in High Blood Pressure

Increased risk of Blood Pressure in overworking White Collars: Nowadays, the risks of protruding diseases from our lifestyle, environment, culture, and food habits, and several researchers engage in analyzing the root cause in many of their studies.

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec published analyzed the risk associated with overworking Canadians to find the relation between working overtime and blood pressure and published the reports in the journal Hypertension recently.

Scientists studied nearly about 3500 white-collar overtime workers in Canada for almost five years at three public institutions in the Quebec province and made a comparison with people who worked 35 hours per week.

The study befell randomly during one, three, and five years were individuals wore monitors to count high blood pressure regularly three times a day checkup followed by reading once in 15 minutes a day. Approximately the in-clinic blood pressure readings measured about 20 readings per day in an individual.

Long hours of overtime office workers tend to have high blood pressure or hypertension, commonly with a prolonged risk of masked hypertension (a type which left undetected in medical checkups). This study compared 35 hours of worker and 49 hours work a week and analyzed those long working individuals shows risks nearly 70% of masked hypertension and 66% of sustained hypertension (Blood pressure recorded all-time during health care routines).

Average resting readings at or above 140/90 mmHg, and average working readings at or above 135/85, were considered high.

People working between 41 to 48 hours per week have shown a 54 percent greater risk of masked hypertension and 42 percent for sustained hypertension. Experts say this risk of high pressure among the heavy late night working people show a high risk of cardiovascular diseases or kidney-related illnesses.

Dr.Xavier clears that both masked and sustained hypertension is associated with high cardiovascular ailments such as stroke, heart attack, etc. Although the findings do not rival the same results to blue-collar officers as the study monitored blood pressure in the white-collar officers indeed.

Maintaining health depends on the factors of age, diet, environmental conditions, and one must be aware of the work-cycle issues by consulting the therapist properly to reduce the risks of developing diseases like hypertension.

The research angles in a new phase of the worker's family lifestyle and their daily duties with kids, elders to detect the levels of blood pressure in the person's health, says Trudel.