New Study Explains Six ways to identify the deadly COVID 19 infections

New Study Explains Six ways to identify the deadly COVID 19 infections
New Study Explains Six ways to identify the deadly COVID 19 infections

The COVID 19 positive cases in India came close to the 20 lakh mark today, August 6, and deaths crossing 40,000. Globally the infection cases have crossed the 1.8 crores and deaths above seven lakhs. Still, there are studies on the novel virus and a new study finds six ways to identify the COVID 19 infection.

Though the novel virus is new and only one of its kind, the way it affects varies from people to people. There are also studies on the virus to create skin rashes, which also could be an additional way to find out the coronavirus infection.

Symptoms of COVID 19

So far, the common symptoms of COVID 19 had been fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Then the US CDC or the center for disease control and prevention added loss of smell and taste as the other signs of infection. Apart from these symptoms, a case report filed on August 5 in the JAMA Dermatology journal confirmed that rashes and discoloration of the skin could be a clinical clue to possible blood clotting due to blockage of blood vessels.

Doctors have confirmed that severe COVID 19 will cause abnormal blood clotting in patients. But the report has limitations of testing only on four patients, among others. Also rashes, hives, discoloration of the skin and, others may be due to virus and allergies.

Six ways of infections by the coronavirus

A recent study by the King's College in London on 1,600 COVID patients from the US and the UK found a total of six clusters. Three were of the mild category and three severe. Dr. Carole Sudre is the lead researcher of the study and issued a statement that the study is helping to understand COVID 19.

The study focuses on monitoring the symptoms over time to predict individual risks and outcomes of patients to be accurate. But the study is not published or peer-reviewed, but the six clusters may help to identify the infections that include

  • In cluster 1 people tend to have mild flu due to the increase in viral load causing trouble in the upper respiratory tract to make them suffer from cold, blocked nose, sore throat, loss of smell, headache, and pain in the chest and muscles.
  • In the second cluster along with the mild flu, there will be fever with loss of appetite along with dry cough and hoarseness in the voice
  • In the third cluster, loss of appetite will be combined with vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain
  • In the fourth cluster, there will be energy loss, exhaustion due to the slowdown of immunity and people will have fatigue, headache, and severe chest pain
  • In the fifth cluster due to the impact on the nervous functioning, the people will have confusion along with the other symptoms
  • In the sixth cluster have all the symptoms in severe stages and are at high risk and with additional symptoms, of abdominal and respiratory distress

With vaccines yet to be successful, it is only for the people to follow social distancing, wear masks, wash hands, and other safety norms to be safe from COVID 19.

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