No Need to Give Up Eating Red and Processed Meat

No Need to Give Up Eating Red and Processed Meat
No Need to Give Up Eating Red and Processed Meat

No Need to Give Up Eating Red or Processed Meat: "Too much of anything is good for nothing"; It is true in case of food and health concepts. Who says 'No' for eating meat? Nowadays the meat-eaters are more in rate than pure vegans rate. Eating food without Red meat or processed meat is a great deal for meat lovers. Studies suggest the minimal cut of red meat or processed meat consumption than to avoid them totally-recent report says. 

Health risks: Eating red and processed meat may have health risks like cancer, heart attacks, diabetical disorders and mostly colon cancer due to the saturated fat present in the meat. Increase in LDL level of cholesterol leads to these health damages of red meat-eaters.

Study Reports: The risk of diseases in cutting down of red and processed meat consumption is uncertain; The recent study report of consuming red meat three times a week faces many oppositions from health experts and dietary personnel.

  • According to research, eating red and processed meat three times a week reduces the risks of diseases.
  • There is no certainty in the risk of cancer, heart diseases in red and processed meat eaters, says Bradley Johnston, Associate Professor at Dalhousie University in Toronto. 
  • Studies from Mc Master and Dalhousie university experts published reports based on the trial observation done on red and processed meat consumption in four systemic reviews; The result ensures that there is no significant association of carcinogenic and cardiovascular risks in the intake of red or processed meat published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
  • The World Cancer Research Fund(WCRF) recommends people to consume red and processed meat in moderate amount to avoid health risks.
  • The average consumption of processed red meat can be nicked to 50% of average globally; Experts in the Lancet suggests to increase the number of nuts, pulses, grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • The study trials among 54,000 people with three servings of red and processed meat per week have found no significant link between red meat consumption and health risks.
  • Johnston, an associate professor from Mc Master, said that the research mainly focused on red meat health issues and not on animal welfare.
  • Proper caution and guidelines for health-related issues and not conclude simply by the number of red meat lovers worldwide, Hu says.

Limited Intake Reduces Health risks: Consuming processed red meat is not too dangerous, University of Nottingham. The constant reduction in the intake of red meat reduces the risks of diseases possibly.

Reducing half in the regular amount of every individual eating meat can comparatively lower the risk of cardio and carcinogenic disorders. Red and processed meat of pork, beef, mutton contain a high amount of saturated fat.LDL cholesterol which is bad, also increases in red meat consumption. The increase in cholesterol rate increases the blood blockage in the heart leading to cardiovascular disparities. Low LDL level reduces heart risks globally.