Running 50 minutes a week Reduces Premature Death Risk

Running 50 minutes a week Reduces Premature Death Risk
Running 50 minutes a week Reduces Premature Death Risk

Running prevents premature death by 27 % confirms new meta-analysis: 

If you have not still started to run, the recently published meta-analysis of 14 earlier pieces of research will make you run from tomorrow. The finding published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirms running reduces premature death by 27 %. Apart from a good mood, happiness, and health benefits, this new finding will sure make you run from tomorrow.

Myth on overrunning is no more with the new meta-analysis on running:

Many who do not run even for a day, worry about the ill-effects of running more than 250 minutes a week. The published meta-analysis confirms that even with a sample size of 232,149 participants from 14 earlier studies, there was little data for those running above 250 minutes a week. It also tracked the health of those participants from the past 5.5 - 35 years. Hence the myth of its ill effects is gone with this published study. Also, the prescribed dose of running like it is medicine by many previous studies has been broke by it.

Dr. Zeljko Pedisic on running:

Dr. Željko Pedišić Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Institute for Health and Sport at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, is the author of the meta-analysis published on November 4. He, along with his colleagues, analyzed many studies and narrowed down to 14 of them to clear the doubts about running dosages and other issues. The following are the study findings for good health.

  • 50 minutes of running once a week reduce 27 % risk of early death by all causes 
  • Running at even below 6 miles or less than 10 km per hour reduces 30 % risk of cardiovascular disease deaths
  • It cut 23 % death risk of all cancer patients
  • Premature death is prevented by reducing the risk of High Blood Pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and others
  • It improves heart function, aerobic endurance, body balance, and metabolism
  • It elevates the mood, reduces stress and increases fitness

So, what are you waiting for? Start running from tomorrow morning to live longer and also healthier. It can be done irrespective of age, gender, physical condition, and whatever. Only the will to run is vital than anything else. You can start with a walk, then a brisk one, and continue it with slow jogging, and even after weeks or months, and you can slowly run for fulfilling your responsibilities with the extra 27 % time it gives without health sufferings.