How To Be Cautious With SOVA Virus? Banks Warns Customers

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Representative Image

Canara Bank, State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank have warned customers that hackers might steal confidential bank account information through a virus called SOVA in Android phones.

Now money transactions mostly take place through digital apps like Google Pay, Phone Pay, and PayTM with the help of UPI. So hackers are also finding viruses that take control of smartphones. In a statement by the State Bank of India, "Do not allow viruses into your cell phone. Download only trusted apps.

SOVA, a virus that works on Android platforms, targets people and launches fake banking apps. After downloading this, people's details and passwords are stolen. This app steals information while doing banking transactions on websites and apps.

State Bank has warned that once this app is downloaded on the smartphone, it cannot be deleted again. In a warning issued by Punjab National Bank, "This virus is sent to smartphones through fake SMS. Once it is downloaded, information about other applications on the smartphone will go to the hackers."

After that, the apps on our smartphones will be under the control of hackers. They send viruses separately to their desired banking applications. Through this SOVA virus, we can monitor the usage of all the applications on our smartphones. Important passwords and personal information can be stolen.

Once the virus is downloaded on the mobile phone and careful while opening the links sent to your account, so please don't click on unknown links. Read reviews before downloading apps, and be careful when giving apps permission. Tech experts advise using anti-virus along with regular Android updates.