How To Block Spam Calls And SMS In Mobile Phone?

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When it comes to calling and sms feature, spams are the most irritating one. Sudden telemarketing and spam calls can annoy us when we are on an important occasion or waiting for a call from someone important.

Constant calls for credit cards, marketing, teleshopping or scam calls can disturb our peace of mind. Although spam calls are a headache, there are other solutions than ignoring them. Keeping the phone silent or ignoring the call will not eliminate the problem. Even though you turn on DND Mode on your phone, it is impossible.

To sort out calls from spam Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has a special service to block spam calls permanently. TRAI has launched National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) to prevent spam calls. National Consumer Preference Registry assures that DND will only block third-party business calls, SMS from your bank, online portals and services with just one turn-on. 

How To Block Spam Calls And SMS:

Step 1: Open your SMS app and type 'START'.

Step 2: Send this message to 1909.

Step 3: Your service provider will send you a list of banking, hospitality and other categories.

Step 4: You have to choose the code for what you want to block. 

Step 5: Now select the codes and send them to 1909 to eliminate spam calls.

Step 6: Your telecom service provider will send a message confirming your request.

Step 7: DND service will start within 24 hours.