How To Easily Transfer Whatsapp Chats And Data From Android To iOS

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Are you switching from an Android phone to an iPhone? But the idea arises of transferring data and WhatsApp chats from your Android phone to your iPhone.

Android to iPhone Data And Chats Transfer:

It has become very easy to transfer data from an Android mobile to an iOS without a data cable. Your Android phone and iPhone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi to do this.

Move to iOS Application:

You need to download the app to convert from an Android phone to an iPhone on your Android phone.

Android OS Lollipop app should be supported on your android phone. Make sure that your Android phone runs Android 4.0 and later. Or it would help if you used an Android phone with Android 5 or above OS.

Step 1: Move to ios should be opened. Copy chats, photos, and WhatsApp from your iPhone using this app.

Step 2: Your iPhone will display a 10-digit or 12 code. Now install that code on an android phone. 

Step 3: A private Wi-Fi network will then be used to link your Android phone to your iPhone.

Step 4: On Android, choose the data you wish to transmit.

Step 5: To transfer data from Android to iPhone, tap the "Next" button.

Step 6: On your Android device, tap "Done."

Step 7: Then, on your iDevice, tap "Continue."

Step 8: Adheres to the onscreen instructions to set up and activate your iPhone.

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