1 Crore Reward Given To Scuba Diver Who Found Vetri Duraisamy Body

Vetri Duraisamy Body Found By A Scuba Diver
Vetri Duraisamy Body Found By A Scuba Diver

Himachal Pradesh police said Saidai Duraisamy said that the scuba divers who found his son Vetri Duraisamy's body would be given Rs 1 crore.

Saidai Duraisamy's son, Vetri Duraisamy's body was found in the Sutlej River in Himachal after eight days and was handed over to his family. This accident will never be forgotten, and Vetri will be in our memories forever. 

Who Is Vetri Duraisamy?

Vetri Duraisamy (45) is the only son of Chennai AIADMK's former mayor, Saidai Duraisamy. He went to Himachal Pradesh on January 4th with his friend Gopinath to see locations for his upcoming film. After seeing the spots, they were on their way to the airport to return to Chennai.

Vetri Duraisamy Car Accident:

Then suddenly, the driver lost control of the car, ran in a different direction, fell down a 200-foot gorge, and overturned into the river Sutlej. In this, the car driver died on the spot. Gopinath was rescued with serious injuries and admitted to a private hospital for treatment. It is reported that the driver had a sudden heart, and so the car lost control.

Vetri Duraisamy Was Not Found:

But there is no information about Vetri Duraisamy. So, the search for him was going on severely. Saidai Duraisamy had announced a reward of Rs 1 crore for information about his son. Knowing the many locals showed interest in finding the Vetri body.

In this case, national rescue teams and scuba divers were involved in the search for him for the past eight days. Finally, yesterday, Vetri Duraisamy's body was found trapped under a rock 6 km away.

Vetri Duraisamy Body Recovered:

Following this, Vetri Duraisamy's body was recovered and handed over to his family after a post-mortem at Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital, Shimla. Following this, Vetri Duraisamy's body is being brought to Chennai today by Air Ambulance. Later this evening, at 5 o'clock, a public tribute will be held, and cremation will be done at Kannamapettai graveyard at 6 o'clock.

Actor Ajith Condolence:

Ajith Kumar arrived with his wife Shalini to pay last respects to his friend Vetri Duraisamy in Chennai. The two have gone on several bike trips across India. Their photos have gone viral on social media since Vetri went missing.

1 Crore Reward As Promised By Saidai Duraisamy:

In this situation, Himachal Pradesh police said Saidai Duraisamy said that the scuba divers who found Vetri Duraisamy's body would be given Rs 1 crore.

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