12 Men Arrested For Cooking And Eating A Tiger At Andhra Pradesh


The forest department arrested 12 men for cooking and eating a tiger that died from electric shock in Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh.

It is said that Farmers of Akhapalan village have illegally erected electric fences to prevent wild animals from entering and damaging their farmlands.

 Four days ago, forest department officials found the footprints of a female tiger in the forest area near Akhapalan and installed cameras in the area to trace the tiger's movement.

On the 10th, a tiger was electrocuted while trying to cross the electric fence. The matter came to the notice of the forest department when there was a problem between the villagers of Aakpallam over sharing the tiger's meat. 

The forest officials who went to the village yesterday tried to take some people believed to have eaten tiger meat to the forest department office for investigation.

After the investigation revealed that the tiger was cooked and eaten. Based on the information that more people in the village have eaten tiger meat, efforts have been intensified to arrest them. 

They also said the tiger skin was thrown in a dilapidated well there. Based on this, the forest department has decided to recover the tiger skin.