13 Year Girl Gang Raped, Elder Sister 19 Years Among seven arrested

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On Tuesday, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered in the Lakhimpur Kheri district. After this murder, there was a strong protest among the family members and the villagers. The police investigated the case, visited the spot and took strict action. 

With this, according to the information released by the police on Wednesday, seven people, including the sister of the murdered girl, have been arrested in this case. Also, it seems that the accused sister was not on good terms with her younger sister by having a relationship with other criminals.

After the crime incident in the Sadar Kotwali area, the police on Wednesday revealed a speedy investigation into the murder. Superintendent of Police Sanjiv Suman said the dog squad, forensic team and other teams were immediately mobilized. The girl was sexually harassed by four men. 

At that time, her elder sister was also with them. Two men stood guard outside the field. The girl was then strangled to death, he said. All the accused were in the 18 to 19 years age group, said Lakhimpur Kheri superintendent of police (SP) Sanjiv Suman. 

He further said that the reason for the incident was that her elder sister was in contact with three people in the village. Knowing this, her younger sister warned her daily and told her that she would complain about this to her parents.

Enraged by her younger sister's rebuke, elder sister Rajini took her younger sister with her to a sugarcane field, where her accomplices caught the girl and gang-raped her, she said.

SP said that the main culprit in the case was her own elder sister. Also, Ranjit Chauhan, Amar Singh, Ankit, Sandeep Chauhan, Deepu Chauhan, Arjun and sister Rajini from that village were arrested by the police and imprisoned. Meanwhile, the SP announced a cash reward of Rs 20,000 to the police team who solved the case.