Aarthi Murder Case Update: Puducherry Rape Accused Attempt Suicide

Puducherry Rape Accused
Puducherry Rape Accused

Prison officials said that Vivekanandan, one of the accused in the murder case of a 9-year-old girl, Aarthi, was playing suicide drama. Meanwhile, a petition will be filed in the court today (Monday) to take the two accused into police custody.

Two persons named Vivekanandan (57)  and Karunas have been arrested and remanded in the central jail in the case of the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in Puducherry's Muthialpet. They were taken to jail without being produced in court, and the judge went there directly and gave the order.

Vivekanandan and Karunas were arrested very shortly after the body was found. The accused were kept in separate cells in the Central Jail. In this case, information spread that Vivekanandan, one of the main accused, had attempted suicide and kept on playing suicidal drama.

Regarding this, the prison officials said, "Had there been a suicide attempt, it would have been necessary to admit him to the hospital. While Vivekanandan is in jail, the entire room is under full surveillance. At the same time, Vivekanandan plays suicide from time to time. "He has been disturbing the prison staff by playing suicide drama in many ways like eating bath soap, covering his face with a shirt," they said.

When the police inquired about the next course of action, they said, "We are going to hand over to the court more than ten items, including the victim girl child Arthi's slipper, clothes, bed sheets, and clothes from the place where the girl's body was found. We are going to file a petition in the court to take Vivekanandan and Karunas, who are in jail, into custody," he said.

Puducherry Nine-Year-Old Girl Rape And Murder Case created a tag for Arthi as 'Puducherry Missing Girl' following the intense search since the missing complaint was lodged. Her death created a stir across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The public and the relatives demand the police to punish the accused severely.