Aligarh Case: Two Year Girl gets Trembling during Postmortem

Aligarh Case. Depicted Image
Aligarh Case. Depicted Image

Aligarh Case

How can someone make such a hilarious thing with someone innocent? Roongats are standing after seeing the post-mortem report of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl killed in a thump. One hand separated from the body. Dr KK Sharma, who was involved in post mortem of the innocent child's body, said that "this was the first post-mortem, in which his life was shattered. I have been doing a post-mortem for seven years, but such a case has never been seen before." The innocent killed had two fractures one in bridge (nose and forehead bone) and fracture in one leg. 

The panel of three doctors did the postmortem. Dr Navin Kumar, Dr KK Sharma and Dr Ujma were involved. The post mortem reported the changes that occur in the body after death. About that, doctors have written in detail about Antemortem injuries (AMI).  

The painful death 

The police said on the postmortem report that the baby's hands and legs were broken. Many other bones of the body are also broken. However, acid was not put in the eye as the family is claiming. There is no confirmation of misdemeanour with the girl, the case has been registered against the accused under the laws of POCSO. 

Reason Behind the Murder

The poor little girl was strangled and her body was thrown on a garbage dump. The body of the missing girl was found on May 30 in the garbage near the house on June 2, in a rugged condition. Five policemen, including the inspector, have been suspended on charges of negligence. The misery and anger born of this horrific incident has spread to Aligarh and throughout the nation.  Two people have been arrested in this murder case, whose names are Zahid and Aslam. According to the police, Zahid has confessed the offence. He said that his family was having a dispute with the family over 10,000 rupees which were owed to him. The role of Aslam, the second accused, is not yet clear. But it is revealed that a case of rap is going on in another city with a relative of a relative in another city. The police have arrested both of them in the place, Rasuka. 

Another shock: Eight-year-old baby girl in Bareilly 

The most shocking thing in Bareilly report is that kidney and urine bladder have not been found. The baby's hand was different from the torso. Because of this, there were insects in that place. In the post-mortem report, doctors have expressed the possibility of killing happened, three to four days in advance. That is, the child was murdered only after the disappearance on May 30. Because of this, the carcass was rotten. There were insects everywhere. The second biggest thing in the report is that the innocent died due to shock. Due to the death of the report, the doctors wrote "Two Antemortem injuries". According to a medical expert, such a situation happened, when someone is shocked. 

These two incidents shocked the entire nation.