Amphan Cyclone Vulnerability: Mamta Banerjee prepares to stay in the control room tonight

Mamta Banerjee prepares to stay in the control room tonight
Mamta Banerjee prepares to stay in the control room tonight

India, Amphan Storm is currently going very intense from minute to minute, says the IMD report. The Amphan Storm, which formed three days ago in the South Bengal Sea, is currently strengthening. The storm has moved away from hitting Tamil Nadu and is 950 km located east of Chennai, 750 km from the Paradip port of Odisha and the storm is about 650 km from West Bengal.

The storm crosses between the Hatia Islands of Digha-Bangladesh and Sundarbans of West Bengal. The storm will cross the coast on May 20 as per Indian Meteorological Department's prediction and the government, along with National Disaster Management Force, is in high alert mode to save the lives of coastal living people.

Storm Amphan moves north-northeast and crosses between Sunderbans Forests of West Bengal and Digha of Bangladesh this afternoon.Storm winds can reach a maximum of 185 km from 155 km to 165 km at the shore.

Government Precautions-

  • Odisha and West Bengal are facing two challenges at the same time: coronavirus and Amphan cyclone. Similarly, the National Disaster Rescue Force leader S.N.Pradhan said that people who have been housed in disaster recovery camps have been advised to shop for human space and 500 persons should be kept in shelters for 1000 persons.
  • Mamta Banerjee and Naveen Patnaik of the Calcutta and Odisha government have been seriously addressing the preparedness of public safety from the Amphan Cyclone hitting indoors today.
  • Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, who visited the Storm Control Center, said that the state was closely monitoring the "Red Plus Zones" of West Bengal and declared to stay in the control room tonight for the safety of the coastal public and for proposing immediate action plan.
  • Similarly, the state chief minister has advised fishermen who live near the shore not to go to sea or to residential areas. The govt has asked public not to move out of their homes until the situation is reported to have deteriorated.
  • Due to the Amphan Landfall, the Amphan Storm flows very strongly in the Kendrapara area of ​​Odisha and the Bhadrak region experiences extreme rainfall today.
  • East Medinipur region of Digha city in Bangladesh suffers from heavy tide and wind due to the crossing of Amphan today evening.
  • "The storm is gradually worsening. However, the coastal districts of Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Bhadrak and Balasore are likely to be damaged by high winds, says IMD Director General Mrityunjaya Mogabhadhra.