Archana Dhiman Death: Boyfriend Adesh Arrested For Murder

Archana Dhinam And Adesh
Archana Dhinam And Adesh

A 28-year-old woman died falling from the fourth floor where her boyfriend resides. This incident shocked the locality.

Archana Dhiman (age 28) is a young girl from Himachal Pradesh who works in an international airline based in Dubai. Meanwhile, Archana meets a young man named Adesh from Kerala through an online dating application. 

Adesh is a software engineer in an IT company in Bengaluru. The acquaintance between Archana and Aadesh eventually turns into love. There are close for the past three months. Later, Archana and Adesh were in a live-in relationship for a few months.

There have been small arguments and problems between them recently. Both went to the theatre the previous day of Archana's death. Archana and Adesh had an argument again after returning from the movie theatre late at night. Later, Archana fell from the 4th floor of her apartment around midnight.

Adesh and his neighbours rescued and admitted her to the nearby hospital. But the doctors who examined her declared that Archana had already died. The police registered a case of murder in connection with the incident and arrested Archana's live-in boyfriend, Adesh.

Meanwhile, Archana's father filed a complaint stating that Adesh pushed Archana from the fourth floor. The police registered a murder case at the Koramangala police station. The investigation is underway, and the charge sheet will be filed based on the complaint.