Bangalore Traffic: No Parking At Outer Ring And Service Roads

Marathahalli, Bangalore
Marathahalli, Bangalore

To reduce traffic congestion, the parking of vehicles is prohibited on the service roads of the outer ring roads of Bangalore. 

In order to reduce the traffic congestion in the city of Bangalore, the government is implementing various projects like metro rail projects, road expansion, and flyover. Traffic is the hardest task for the Bangalore people who go to work every day. Since Bangalore city has many MNC Companies and IT Companies, the employees are more.

Many people from different parts of India and other states work in Banglore. Most youngsters prefer to work in Bangalore since the state is good at social networks. The population has been increasing in Bangalore recently; at the same time, transportation and traffic are also increasing. The state is busy even at night.

Home Additional Chief Secretary Rajneesh Goyal has ordered the Bengaluru Traffic Police to take initiatives to reduce traffic congestion. The first step is to ban the parking of vehicles on the outer ring roads and service roads.