Barber Encounter For Slitting Throat of 2 Kids in UP Case In Detail

Accused Of UP Crime
Accused Of UP Crime

An unbelievable incident has taken place in Uttar Pradesh's Budaun, where a young barber killed two little boys. The reason behind this incident has stirred the nation.

Vinod lived with his wife, Sangeetha, and his three little boys. Sajid, a barber, worked in a barber shop opposite Vinod's house. Sajid and Vinod knew each other.

On the day of the incident, Vinod was not at home. On Tuesday evening, Sajid visited their house, ostensibly to borrow ₹ 5,000, but Vinod was not at home. Vinod's wife, Sangeeta, says she handed him the money and went to the kitchen to make tea. 

It was then Sajid asked the oldest boy, 11-year-old Aayush, to take him to his mother's beauty salon upstairs. Aayush led him to the first floor and then to the second floor. On the second floor, Sajid reportedly turned off the lights and attacked Aayush with a knife. 

While allegedly slitting Aayush's throat, Sajid was interrupted when his youngest brother, Ahaan (6), entered. Sajid allegedly grabbed Ahaan and similarly killed him. He then tried to attack their other brother, Piyush, but the seven-year-old managed to escape and hide, according to the police. 

Aayush and Ahaan died, but Piyush only suffered minor injuries. Sajid fled the scene with the help of his brother Javed. Knowing the crime, the police entered the scene and Sajid was caught. 

It is said that Sajid fired at the cops, and so he was killed in an encounter. An inspector was shot and has been admitted to hospital, the police said. Sajid's companion, Javed, was arrested, and an intense investigation is underway.

This incident has shaken the nation since Tuesday. Violence has erupted in the area, and the barbershop, Sajid, has been set on fire. Following this horrific incident, hashtags Budaun and Ramzan Horror go viral on social media.