Influencer Arun Kathare Arrested for Fake AK-47 Bengaluru Cops

Arun Kathare Arrest
Arun Kathare Arrest

A social media influencer, Arun Katare, was arrested by Kothanur police for allegedly posing with a fake AK-47 gun for reel videos. The Bengaluru police posted a warning video showing the influencer's arrest as a warning to people. 

Who Is Arun Kathare?

Arun Kathare is a 26-year-old social media celebrity with 297k followers. He often exhibits his lavish lifestyle with pretentious jewelry and staged scenes involving security guards' fake AK47 guns in his Instagram Reel Videos. 

Arun Kathare's social media content also features lavish travel escapades, where he hires models to enhance his image and attract more followers. However, the display of fake firearms in his videos has sparked public concern and controversy.

Arun Kathare Arrest:

The Kothanur police acted on a tip reporting witnessing an individual carrying AK-47 guns. Based on this information, the police took Arun Kathare, the accused, into custody for questioning.

Following an extensive investigation, the Kothanur police arrested Arun Kathare on charges of causing public panic under the Arms Act and Section 290 of the Indian Penal Code (now known as the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita).

Bengaluru Police Warning:

Bengaluru police took an unconventional approach to address the issue of social media influencers who were engaging in risky and illegal behavior in order to gain popularity. 

The police shared a video depicting the arrest of a prominent social media figure, Arun Kathare, accompanied by humorous background music. This video was released on their official social media account and it quotes "That moment when ‘likes’ turn into ‘cuffs’. Bengaluru City Police doesn’t just watch; we act"

This move was intended to caution other social media celebrities and influencers who were pushing the boundaries to garner attention and financial gain.