Bharat Rice Price Per Kg In Tamil Nadu And Distributors Updates

Bharat Rice
Bharat Rice

In the past year, the cost of rice has increased by 15% across the country. This rise in cost has made it difficult for many people, especially those belonging to the middle and lower classes, to afford this essential staple. 

In response to this issue, the central government has launched an initiative called 'Bharat Rice'. This initiative aims to sell rice at affordable prices to make it accessible to everyone. The launching ceremony of 'Bharat Rice' took place in Delhi yesterday. 

Union Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal introduced the initiative to control the price of rice. During the ceremony, the minister flagged off 100 vehicles that will be used for the sale of 'Bharat Rice'. 

This initiative will sell rice in 5 kg and 10 kg packets at a fixed price of Rs. 29 per kg. At the event, Union Minister Piyush Goyal distributed 5 kg of rice to each of the five beneficiaries. He said that the measures taken by the central government to control wholesale prices have not benefited most people. 

Hence, the government has intervened in the retail market with this initiative. The initiative aims to benefit the middle and lower classes by selling rice at a price everyone can afford. The price of wheat has already gone down after the sale of wheat under the name of 'Bharat Atta' started. Similarly, the Bharat rice initiative will pave the way for lower rice prices. 

The minister himself has used 'Bharat Atta' and 'Bharat Dal' and found them to be of good quality. He further added that he would also use 'Bharat Rice' in the future.

In the first phase, 22,000 tonnes of Bharat rice have been allotted to Tamil Nadu. Three companies, including the National Agricultural Cooperative Internet, have been permitted to sell it. These companies will sell rice in vans in 5-10 kg bags in a few days.