Bihar Call Centre: 150 Women Captivated And Raped Case Detailed

Bihar Call Center Case
Bihar Call Center Case

In Bihar Muzaffarpur, women are allured in the name of call center work and ended up experiencing mental, physical, and sexual abuse. In this case, Special Investigation Team is currently following nine individuals who were involved in the call centre fraud case.

Fake Job Offers:

The news of women being tortured and roped into fraud shocks the job-hunting people as it was the key start problem for the case. The victims in the case were offered jobs as call centre employees.

In this case, women were allured by the company named DBR Networking. The offers for the job were advised on social media platforms and the notice clearly mentioned they needed women employees for the job offers. So, many women joined them believing they were offering them a job and ended up turning the victims of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. 

As soon as the job was offered to them, they were asked for Rs 20,000 as part of "training" for the call center job. They were asked to move to Muzzafapur and at the training sessions the women underwent mental abuse, fraud, and in some cases they were sexually assaulted. 

Survivors Police Complaint:

One of the women escaped from the group and filed a complaint against them on June 2. She is one of the survivors who is lured by the fake job advertisement and she reaches out to the call center and joins them considering they are genuine. 

Bihar Muzaffarpur Call Center:

In the Bihar Muzaffarpur call centre, there are at least 150 women who joined them, the victim said. In the company, women are extremely trained to make phone calls to other young women and bring them into the scam they were in.

In this case, if they refused to work or did not meet their targets, they were beaten up or sexually harassed. The survivor also pointed out that one of the accused, Tilak Kumar Singh, forced her to have sex with him multiple times, which ended up her being pregnant. In this situation, they made her undergo an abortion.

if the woman asked for their salary, the accused would say that women were also part of the firm. The young woman survivor said underwent this physical, mental, and sexual abuse for months.

Bihar Muzaffarpur Case Police Arrest:

After the complaint, police arrested Tilak Kumar Singh on June 18, in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He was arrested under suspicion for his alleged role in a scheme that reportedly held numerous young women captive in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district. 

Manish Kumar Singh, a Noida resident is said to be the owner of the company. and eight other names were also included in the case. The company where was subjected to sexual assault under false pretences of job opportunities. 

The arrest was carried out by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) tasked with probing the case. It is said that SIT is currently following nine individuals who were involved based on a court order.

Nowadays, there are high risks when joining the jobs as there are many false job offers online. Before joining the company, make sure to check whether the company is real or fake.