Viral Video: Brave Forest Officer Captures Leopard Alive In Kashmir

Forest Officer Caught Leapord Alive
Forest Officer Caught Leapord Alive

Wild animals entering the village have become common, and the villagers are frightened by these incidents. A video of a forest officer fighting and capturing a leopard alone has been widely shared and appreciated on social media.

A leopard suddenly entered a village in central Kashmir's Ganderbal district yesterday. Frightened villagers called the forest department to catch the leopard. When the forest officials reached the spot, the villagers decided to capture it alive.

They chased away the leopard with a paddy stick. The leopard jumped from house to house and tried to escape. They finally got stuck in the street. Then, a forest official and some villagers decided to catch the leopard with a stick.

The leopard was roaring, trying to escape. Then, the rod fell from the officer's hand. He stood safely from the leopard and tried to pick up the stick.

Then, the leopard pounced on him aggressively. While the officer was holding the leopard's neck with one hand, unexpectedly, the other hand was stuck in the leopard's mouth. Due to this, the officer was unable to remove his hand from the huge leopard's mouth.

Then, another officer standing nearby hit the leopard with a stick. At that moment, the officer took his hand from the leopard's mouth and pushed the leopard down. Immediately, the people of the town attacked the leopard very hard with sticks.

Later, the forest officials caught the leopard. The villagers applauded the forest officer, who stood alone and fought the leopard. A related video is going viral on social media. On the other hand, animal lovers condemns the one who attacked the leopard do hard with the sticks. They say the net would have been a better option than hitting with sticks.