Cancer Causing Chemicals Found In Pani Puri Across Karnataka

Image Credits: Anil Ramesh
Image Credits: Anil Ramesh

Shocking News has shocked the Pani Puri lovers as the Karnataka Food Safety Officer found artificial colours and carcinogenic agents that cause health detours, including cancer.

Pani Puri - Tasty Indian Street Food:

Food safety officials in Karnataka found alarming results when they tested samples of pani puri, a popular snack consisting of a crispy ball filled with potatoes, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavoured water which is commonly known as Golgappa.

Recently, there have been many complaints about Pani Puri's quality. So, the officials took the matter into their own hands and collected samples of PaniPuri from 260 places, from street stalls to restaurants.

Results Of The Pani Puri Samples:

Cancer-causing chemicals have been found in several popular street foods, leading to concerns about the potential health risks for consumers. Shockingly, 41 out of 260 samples contained artificial colors and carcinogenic agents, which are known to cause health issues, including cancer. Additionally, 18 of the samples were deemed unfit for human consumption.

Dinesh Gundu Rao On The Pani Puri Issue:

This news created a lot of buzz around food lovers as Dinesh Gundu Rao, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Karnataka wrote in his X account, "As the use of artificial colours in the manufacture of cotton candy, gobi, and kebabs has been banned, the samples of Panipuri being sold in the state have been collected and sent for testing. Many samples of panipuri also failed food safety tests and were found to contain cancer reagents,"

He further continues about the hygiene and safe consumption of food and wrote, "The Minister's tweet about the investigation has gone viral. "The general public should take special care of their health and refrain from consuming food items that affect our health. Great importance should be given to cleanliness and hygiene." 

Pani Puri Ban:

The presence of certain additives, preservatives, and contaminants in Pani Puri has raised concerns due to their classification as carcinogenic by organizations such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). 

The recent discovery of toxic elements in Pani Puri has sparked widespread discussion, and there are calls for regulatory action, with some even suggesting the possibility of a ban on Pani Puri similar to the prohibition of cotton candy.