Chandigarh University MMS Leaked: No Such Videos was Taken Or Shared?

 Chandigarh University Protest
Chandigarh University Protest

Chandigarh University hostel girls bathing video case has not yet been sorted? As the ongoing protests at a university in Punjab's Chandigarh continue to intensify, the police have arrested three people, including a student and her boyfriend, in connection with the leaked video of the students taking a bath.

The students and their parents are actively protesting in the university after the information spread that the scenes of the students taking a bath were recorded by a secret camera and uploaded on social media.

Denying this information, the police have now arrested three people, the student and her 23-year-old boyfriend, who are said to be involved in this case. Parents take the students to their home hostel due to this bathing video issue.

Students and their parents participated in a massive protest at Chandigarh University on Sunday. The protest started after a fellow student was accused of taking a video of the students staying in the university hostels while taking a bath with a secret camera and sending it to her boyfriend. It was also said that the male friend of the student uploaded the video on social media.

Shocked by hearing this, many students committed suicide, and some tried to commit suicide, which prompted the students and their parents to join the protest. The protest started on Saturday at midnight and continued till Sunday night. This created a huge uproar across the country, and the Punjab state government ordered an inquiry into the incident.

During the investigation, the police announced that no such video was taken, which was never shared with anyone. It was also revealed that the student had shared her private video with her 23-year-old boyfriend. The student, her boyfriend, who works in Shimla and a bakery worker have been arrested by the police under the Information Technology Act.