Coimbatore: Isha Yoga Center Mahashivratri festival Events And Guests

Isha Yoga
Isha Yoga

Our Indian culture is deeply rooted in spirituality and devotion. The Maha Shivaratri festival, which is closely associated with the science of yoga, is celebrated annually in all states of India.

Mahashivratri festival will be celebrated grandly at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore every year. The magnificent celebration for 2024 will take place in front of Adiyogi from 6 pm on March 8th to early morning on March 9th.

Isha Yoga has become an iconic place in Coimbatore. Adiyogi has increased tourism in Coimbatore. Every day, there are tourists and devotees at the Isha Yoga Center.

Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festivals of India. Every year during Mahashivaratri, many devotees visit the Adiyogi. Many tourists show interest in participating in this festival, and many celebrities visit the centre to enjoy the festive night.

Accordingly, the 2024 Mahashivaratri festival in Isha will be celebrated in front of Adiyogi from 6 pm. on the 8th to 6 am the next day. In the presence of Isha founder Sadhguru, the festival includes various aspects, including powerful meditations, chanting of mantras, a Maha Yatra of Goddess Linga Bhairavi, and Adiyogi Divya Darshan. Various music programs are also being held.

Famous playback singer Shankar Mahadevan, Tamil folk singer Mahalingam, Punjabi music artist Kurtas Mann, Carnatic music artist Sandeep Narayanan, Bollywood musicians Prithvi Gandharv, Ranjith Bhattarasarjee, Paradex (Danishk Singh) and others will participate in Mahashivaratri.