Coronavirus India: Lions sleeping on roads while humans locked in their homes Cages

Coronavirus India
Coronavirus India

Lions sleeping on roads while humans locked in their homes show the horror of coronavirus worldwide this week. But there comes now the light at the end of the tunnel with much positive news. It includes news of it reaching a peak in the US and a reduced number of infected cases in many parts of India.

Also, to add a big sigh of relief to not only the government but the people, 6.5 lakhs of rapid test kits will reach India today along with other PPE equipment. With the capability to report the test results within 30 minutes, these kits will reduce the number of hot spots instead of them increasing every day to cause a lot of loss and hardship to the people.

The microorganism which cannot be even seen with naked eyes has brought the world to its knees with everyone at its mercy. As of 10 AM, April 18, it has infected 22,40,191 people, 1,53,822 dead and counting every second Recovered numbers 5,68,343.

In India, there are 14,378 infected cases and 480 dead already. It is to cross 15,000 and 500 today, and experts confirmed it to reach to peak during the next week when the number of tests will increase with the new test kits from China.

Maharashtra is leading in both the infected cases and the death toll in India. It has more than 3,320 infected cases and 201 deaths. And Mumbai, in particular, is fast becoming another New York with more than 2000 of the infected cases and more than 125 deaths.

Also, with the world's biggest slum Dharavi in Mumbai is having more than 100 instances and ten deaths. With poor living conditions where social distancing near to impossible in Dharavi, it is the most significant and worrisome hotspot in India.

The national capital Delhi ranks second in the coronavirus list of 1,707  infected cases and more than 46 dead.  Tamil Nadu ranks third with 1,323 cases and 14 dead. The other stats as per their ranking include

  • Madhya Pradesh – 1310
  • Uttar Pradesh -   849
  • Gujarat – 1099
  • Telangana – 76

All other states have their share of coronavirus infected cases but not as the list above.  

The US government has started crediting 90 % of the American bank accounts with a minimum of $ 1,200 for an individual to a maximum of $ 3,400 per family. It roughly calculates Rs. Ninety thousand per person and 250,000 per family to tide over the coronavirus crisis. 

In India, even after the extension of lockdown 2.0  for another 20 days, there is no cash to the people. Even the 5 kilograms of rice and wheat are not helping the migrant workers stranded all over India to walk back home. Even their families and those of the 400 million daily wagers are without support and starving every passing day.  

The finance minister is expected to offer some stimulus today after yesterday's RBI providing some relief by infusing cash liquidity to grant loans to the farmers, MSME sector, and others.  But what people want is cash to crossover this coronavirus crisis alive.