COVID 19 Vaccine creates controversy - NEET exams postponed

COVID 19 Vaccine creates controversy - NEET exams postponed. Photo: Goa Airport.
COVID 19 Vaccine creates controversy - NEET exams postponed. Photo: Goa Airport.

COVID 19 Vaccine creates controversy - NEET exams postponed: The rapid rise in the coronavirus cases has forced the postponement of NEET and JEE exams to September from July. Also, there is the force from the ICMR to the COVID 19 vaccine Covaxin manufacturer Bharat Biotech to launch it latest by August 15 for people health failing which there will be severe complications.

Scientists criticize the timeline as impossible and are afraid of India's scientific excellence to be undermined by the global scientific community. Meanwhile, yesterday July 3 saw another record high of more than 23,000 infections were reported to take the total tally to 649,708 and the death toll to 18,662.

NEET and JEE exams postponed: For the past few days, there were wide speculations of the NEET and JEE or joint entrance exams to be conducted on the announced dates. For NEET, it was July 26, and for JEE Mains, it was from July 18 to 23 and JEE Advanced on August 23. The hall tickets for both the exams were to be issued from today, June 4.

Hence a final decision on the exams was pending for the last two weeks. Only after a case was filed by the overseas students in the Supreme Court on July 1 to postpone the exam, yesterday the central government announced new dates for the exams. The overseas students contended that there were no exam centers abroad.

Also, they cannot come to India and write the exams as there are no international flights. Even if they are arranged, they have to be in quarantine for 14 days. Hence, now the NEET is to be conducted on September 13. And JEE Mains from September 1 to 6 and JEE Advanced on September 27.

COVID 19 vaccine Covaxin controversies: The whole world's scientific community is working overtime to find the vaccine for COVID 19 and is not yet successful. But ICMR wants to launch the COVID 19 for public health before August 15 made many scientists criticize it. The short timeline for the three-phase trials comes under attack by noted scientists in India.

Even Randeep Guleria, the AIIMS director and the COVID 19 task force head of the clinical research group, expressed his surprise. He said that it is a tough task to complete within a short deadline. Other famous doctors and scientists are also concerned about the trust that the global scientific community has on India due to hurried implementation of the COVID 19 vaccine.