Covid Vaccine : Above 45 years are eligible to get Vaccinated

Accelerating the Vaccination Process in India
Accelerating the Vaccination Process in India

The increasing positives of Corona increase the tasks for the Scientists and to the frontline workers. The government has said that people above the age of 45 are eligible to get vaccinated.

The Union Cabinet meeting accelerated the vaccination process. Prakash Javadekar announced that people are eligible to get vaccinated from April 1, 2021. He requested them to register and to get appointments for the vaccination.

He assured that there would be no shortage of the vaccination. The scientists advised that the second dose can be vaccinated between 4 to 8 weeks after the first dose, especially CovidShield.

He also said that the vaccination process has already accelerated, and  4.85 crore people have got vaccinated, and by yesterday 32.54 lakhs people have got vaccinated in 24 hours in India.

The instruction was also given to wear the mask and maintain Social Distancing with the note saying that the vaccines are just a protective Shield.