Credit cards, Starting With RuPay Credit Cards Can Be Linked To UPI

Shaktikanta Das
Shaktikanta Das

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das' monetary policy states that Credit cards, starting with RuPay credit cards, can now be linked to UPI. The implementation will begin with the indigenous RuPay credit cards being allowed to be linked. The Central Reserve has begun raising interest rates to control inflation, which is beginning to take its toll on the international economy today.

The RBI has hiked interest rates for the second time today at a central bank meeting. Not only this, but it has also given many more announcements.

Credit cards can also be linked to the UPI site, especially for UPI users, so that users can make payments from Rupee credit cards through UPI. This was stated by Governor Shaktikanta Das at a meeting of the Reserve Bank today.

The UPI service, which is one of the most popular money transfer systems in India today, is now allowed to connect to the credit card as well. There are currently over 26 crore individual users and five crore merchants in India. In May 2022 alone, transactions worth Rs 10.40 lakh crore were transacted through transactions worth Rs 594.63 crore.

These UPI services allow you to easily transfer money via debit card by linking your current account with your savings account. As such, credit card transactions are currently allowed.

With this announcement by RBI, by linking one's credit card and debit card with UPI, they can scan the QR code and pay without having to swipe the card. In order to do this, you will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. 

You must have a credit card or debit card linked to UPI. According to Google Pay, an individual can add Axis Bank, SBI Cards, Kodak Bank, HDFC Bank, Indus Bank, Federal Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank and OneCard. These must operate on Visa and Gateways.