Delta Virus: Delta Spreads Rapidly To Those Who Are Not Vaccinated

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The World Health Organization (WHO) says the delta-type corona is the fastest and most dangerous coronaviruses that have spread among the population. The coronavirus is genetically modified in various countries. The coronavirus has mutated in countries including the UK, Brazil, South Africa and India. The coronavirus that has mutated in India is named Delta.

In addition, the Delta type virus has re-transformed, and the Delta Plus virus is spreading. The delta virus has been reported in 85 countries. The delta type virus spreads very fast and has become a new threat to the world as scientists have warned that it could have a devastating effect. Tetros Adanom, President of the World Health Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, spoke to reporters.

In an interview, World Health Leader Tetros Adanam said that delta viruses are a new concern to the world. This type of virus has been identified as highly contagious. This virus started to threaten the nation with the fear of spread. In particular, these viruses can spread rapidly and cause social outbreaks among unvaccinated people. He said the spread of Delta could only be controlled if everyone is vaccinated. 

Currently, the virus has spread many countries. It is also a matter of concern that restrictions have been relaxed in many countries now that the spread of corona has decreased.  There is a risk that the number of people infected with the delta virus will increase soon. Therefore, people should avoid overcrowding. He said people should continue to adhere to corona prevention measures.

One person died of the virus in Madhya Pradesh last week. He is unvaccinated with corona. "Everyone Should be vaccinated and must wear a mask because vaccination alone is not enough for Delta. We should try to bring this down in the short term. Otherwise there will be another general block." says Russia's representative to the World Health Organization, Melita Vujnovic.

The seriousness of the  Delta Plus virus is circling among the people, and they are requested to get vaccinated soon. One person died of the virus in Madhya Pradesh last week. And to note, he was not vaccinated. This Delta Plus virus is screaming globally in recent days.

The impact of the Delta Plus virus will only become apparent when more vulnerabilities are identified. But for those who take one or two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, the disease appears to be mild. The second wave will have an impact on how the community respond to another variation. The third wave will depend on the rate at which the second wave has affected the population.