Who Is Dev? A 12-Year-Old Wildlife Photographer From Madurai

Image Credit: Dev.wildlife Instagram
Image Credit: Dev.wildlife Instagram

A 12-year-old boy Dev's wildlife photography has caught the attention of many legendary wildlife photographers, and his skills in photography at a very young age amused the photography enthusiast. This brought a lot of attention and appreciation to the talented young photographer Dev.

Who Is Dev?

Dev, a 12-year-old resident of Chennai from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is a young and talented wildlife photographer.  He was brought to the limelight after one of his videos went viral on social media in which an elephant chases a tiger. After the viral video, Dev was interviewed by private news channels, in which he revealed his love for animals and wildlife.

Dev as Wildlife Photographer:

Dev's journey into wildlife photography started with modest beginnings, he used his parents' smartphones to capture photos before his skills caught the attention of his father's friends. His father's friend mentored him in the fundamentals of photography using a camera.

Later, Dev's parents bought a camera which marked a significant step forward, allowing him to purposefully pursue wildlife photography. While continuing his studies in the 7th standard, Dev remained dedicated to his passion, balancing his academic responsibilities with his growing interest in wildlife photography. 

Dev has a remarkable passion for wildlife photography, showcasing a diverse range of subjects from exotic birds like the Sri Lankan Frogmouth and African Pygmy Kingfisher to majestic animals such as Hyenas, Wild Dogs, Tigers, and Elephants. The boy's love for wildlife is evident in his work as it was elegantly shot.

Dev pursues photography with the support of his parents. He captures unique and compelling moments in nature in India and other countries, including Africa and America. He also takes photos of architectural buildings, but his main interest lies in wildlife photography. 

His dedication to wildlife photography is evident in the quality of his work, which he shares with a large audience on his Instagram account, boasting over 11 thousand followers.

Wildlife photography indeed requires immense patience, often demanding hours of waiting for the perfect moment to capture. The dedication shown by the photographer at a young age reflects a deep passion and love for wildlife photography.

Moreover, his aspiration to become a forest officer, as mentioned in the interview, highlights his profound connection with nature. This career goal not only highlights his commitment to conservation but also suggests a desire to actively contribute to wildlife preservation and environmental love.