Pune Minor Girl Raped By Father, Brother And Uncle - POCSO Case

Pune Minor Rape Case
Pune Minor Rape Case

 A shocking incident has happened in Pune in which a 13-year-old girl is raped multiple times by her father, uncle, and cousins for years. The incident shook the Pune locals as their own family members commit a crime against the child.

Good Touch And Bad Touch Sessions:

Teaching about Good and Bad touch to school children has become mandatory following the daily crimes that are happening across the country. In such a way, a school in Maharashtra organized a 'Good Touch - Bad Touch' session organized by the school. During the sessions, a 13-year-old student turned up and mentioned the abuse she went through while the teacher was explaining about the good and bad touches.

Upon learning about the minor girl's distressing situation, the school took immediate action and filed a complaint against the uncle, father, and cousin of the child. The minor girl reported that her uncle, father, and cousin had touched her inappropriately.

The police report states the 13-year-old was threatened by his brother's brother (Cousin) who allegedly raped her in July 2023. He also threatened to kill her if she opened up about the issue to anybody and that's the reason she didn't tell anyone regarding this abuse before.

Following that, she was raped by her uncle on January 2024, and the girl's uncle sexually assaulted her. When she refused to his sexual desires, he hit her multiple times and assaulted her. In addition, the victim was also raped by her own father and was threatened and beaten up by the family members for over a year. The 13-year-old does not open up until the  'good touch - bad touch' session out of fear.

POCSO Case Registered On The Family Members:

The police arrested the accused the father, uncle, and cousin immediately and registered a case against the accused under the POCSO Act. The police also mentioned the father and uncle in case is above 40 years old and his cousin is more than 20 years old. 

This incident caused a lot of public outrage in Pune and people are demanding severe punishments for the rape cases. This case also shows the importance of teaching children about good and bad touch.

Importance Of Teaching Good And Bad Touch:

In today's world, it's important to teach children about the concept of good and bad touch to protect them from becoming victims of abuse. By educating children about this, we can empower them to recognize dangerous situations and ask for help when needed.

  • It empowers children to recognize when they are in an unsafe situation and gives them the confidence to speak up and seek help.
  • Educating children about inappropriate touches helps prevent child sexual abuse by making them aware of what is acceptable and what is not.
  • It encourages an environment where children feel safe to discuss uncomfortable topics with trusted adults, such as parents or teachers.
  •  Understanding boundaries from a young age promotes the development of healthy relationships based on respect and consent.
  • It educates children about their rights and the importance of respecting others' boundaries, which is essential for their overall development.
  •  Recognizing signs of inappropriate behaviour early on can lead to timely intervention and prevention of further harm.