Four dead in Kancheepuram on way to worship Lord Athi Varadar

Kancheepuram temple Crowd to Dharshan Lord Athi Varadar
Kancheepuram temple Crowd to Dharshan Lord Athi Varadar

Four dead in Kancheepuram And Fear of count Increase

Yesterday Kanchipuram witnessed an unprecedented crowd off 1.7 lakh people to worship Lord Athi Varadar. Because of the excess crowd, nearly 12 people were admitted in Kanchipuram GH, where 4 of them died. The District Collector Ponniah was on his feet, refuting the charges of stampede being the reason and confirmed all the four died to various prolonged ailments.

Lord Athi Varadar came out of the water on July 1, 2019, worshipped by lakhs of people daily:

After 40 years, Lord Athi Varadar came out of the Varadaraja temple pond is being worshipped by lakhs of devotees every day. After August 15 it will take another 40 years for people to darshan diety. So, people in lakhs are daily visiting Kanchipuram for the blessings of Lord Athi Vardar. The diety will be immersed back into the water on August 15, 2019. To know more about Athi Varadar read our article..

H.Raja tweets about the death of the four people in Kanchipuram:

Reacting strongly to the death of four devotees, H.Raja, National Secretary of BJP tweeted today. He said it is only due to failure of the District administration and the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department under which the temple is administered. He also added that when in UP, 34 crores of people in  Kumbamela were managed without any issue. Why not the same be done in Kancheepuram. He further demanded a solatium of Rs. 25 lakhs to the bereaved families of the four dead. It is in contrast to the District collector's statement that the four dead were only to the ailments and nothing to do with the crowd in Kancheepuram.

Who are the four dead people in Kancheepuram?

The four elderly dead people include:

1. Narayani 55 from Avadi

2. Natarajan 61 from Triplicane

3. Ganga Lakshmi from Guntur

4. Anandavel from Salem

What is the real reason behind the death of the four people in Kancheepuram?

As per sources, Kancheepuram was visited by more than lakh devotees every day since Lord Athi Varadar was brought out from the water for darshan. During the weekend, the crowd increases, and it is hard for any administration to handle such a vast crowd

suddenly. Also, yesterday being a working day many expected normal crowds. Since yesterday was Shravanam, the birth star of Lord Vishnu there was an unprecedented crowd of 1.7 lakhs and more have come to Kancheepuram. Cars were waiting up to Walajabad to enter Kancheepuram which is more than 40 kilometres from Kancheepuram.

Many deaths due to the heavy crowd in Kancheepuram:

On July 3, two men had been reported dead due to the police high handedness, and also there was a report of an auto driver committing suicide. Further, one of the Andhra devotees died of cardiac arrest near the temple recently. Yesterday also four of the

twelve admitted were dead and out of the remaining 8 people are reported to be in serious conditions.

The Chief Minister had announced Rs. 1 lakh as solatium to the four dead persons'families. But it is time that proper arrangements have to be made to the devotees of Lord Athi Varadar in Kancheepuram for the next 27 days. It is because the crowd is only

going to increase in the coming days as the closing of darshan comes closer as the days pass. Enough police personnel and other arrangements will help the devotees to be safe and worship Lord Athi Varadar for blessings.

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