Haryana Politician Nafe Singh Rathee Shot Dead Case in Detail

Politician Nafe Singh Rathee
Politician Nafe Singh Rathee

Nafe Singh Rathee, a Haryana politician, was allegedly shot and killed by a gang of unidentified gunmen. It is speculated that a UK-based gangster was also involved in his murder.

Who is Nafe Singh Rathee?

Nafe Singh, an Indian politician from the Haryana state, was the state president of the Indian National Lok Dal of Haryana party. In the upcoming Lok Sabha election, the party will seemingly be in alliance with the Congress party. In this situation, the former MLA was travelling in Bahadurgarh, Delhi, on Sunday, February 25, 2024, in his SUV.

Nafe Singh Rathee Shot Dead

The politician was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle and accompanied by his nephew and his INLD co-worker, Jai Kishan. A group of five men were following the SUV in a car and came out and fired wildly, aiming at Singh. In this incident, Nafe Singh Rathee and Jai Kishan were shot dead.

Sparing Your Life....The Killer Told His Nephew

Before leaving, the assailants told Nafe Singh Rathee's nephew that they were sparing his life so that he could inform his family. Police suspect that a UK-based gangster could have been involved in this tragic murder case.

Hence, they interrogated a close associate of the gangster who is in Tihar Jail, Delhi. This associate named Sandeep, who is also one of the top gangsters in Haryana, told the Police that he was not involved in Nafe Singh Rathee's murder case.

FIR Filed Against the Killers

The former MLA's nephew filed a complaint against the assailants about Singh's alleged killers. He said that they were driving to Bahadurgarh on Sunday evening. In which, he said that a group of five unidentified men were following them in a car and then fired at their SUV near the Barahi railway crossing.

Causes Political Stir

This attack happened two months before the LOK Sabha election. Since the Haryana state is ruled by the BJP party, they have received massive reactions from their opposition parties.

Following this incident, Haryana's Home Minister Anil Vij has said that Rathee's Murder case will be handed over to a CBI team of 12 people. And required actions will be taken soon.