Hashtag Melodi Trending On X With Giorgia Meloni and Modi Friendship

Italy PM Giorgia Meloni With Modi Ji
Italy PM Giorgia Meloni With Modi Ji

The internet was set abuzz as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's selfie alongside his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni went viral, causing the hashtag 'Melodi' to trend on X.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Dubai to attend the International Climate Action Summit. The International Climate Action Summit was held as part of the UN's COP28 conference, which many international leaders attended.

Among the other leaders, the prime minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, also participated. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who attended the COP28 climate summit, shared a selfie with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on her social media account with the caption "Good friends at COP28" " She shared this photo with a hashtag #Melodi'.

This photo is going viral on social media with many retweets and likes. Following this post, meme creators are posting many photos and videos of Giorgia Meloni and Narendra Modi. Many photos convey the beautiful friendship between Giorgia Meloni and Narendra Modi.

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