Increasing COVID 19 cases in India

Covid 19 in India update
Covid 19 in India update

The number of Covid cases is increasing in Brazil as it reached second place in the table b leading India. The total number of cases in Brazil are 11,368,316 and number of death are 275,276 whereas in India, the number of cases is 11,333,728 and the number of fatalities is 158,483.

In India, some states are busy with both corona cases and with the Legislative Assembly election 2021. And the first dose of vaccination is taken by the Prime minister and by other ministers around the country. 

The forthcoming election is yet to happen with many safety measures and precautions. The election volunteers, candidates, teachers, and many others are instructed to get vaccinated. The vaccination is also taken by frontline workers and even elders above the age of 60 years. 

The total number of cases in India is 11.3M, where 11M got recovered, and 158K is dead. On June 16, 2020, the death was at a peak in the count of 2,006, and it was reduced to 1120 on July 22, 2020, and by September 15, 2020, the death was in the count of 1283 and it was gradually.

Due to the lethargic activities of the people, the covid positives are getting increased in the recent days in India. People stopped maintaining social distance and even forgetting to wear the mask in public. 

Maharashtra has the maximum number of cases where the total number of patients is 2.28M, and 2012 have recovered, next comes Kerala 1.09M total cases 1.05M have recovered. Karnataka comes the next with 958K total cases 938K has recovered. Fourth comes Andhra Pradesh 891K total number of cases 833K patients have recovered, and Tamil Nadu have the total number of 858K cases where 841k has recovered.